Our cashmere yarn hails from one of the most prestigious cashmere mills in Italy. In order to create the absolute best and finest cashmere, we make sure our yarns follow a unique process from start to finish. 

Each spring, when the goats naturally shed their coats, the herders begin the process to harvest the cashmere. This begins by gently combing the goat, gathering the delicate underfleece without causing any harm to the animal. 

The annual production of each goat is around 250 grams (about 5 balls of yarn), which after removing the coarser outer fibers is reduced to no more than 150 grams (3 balls) of precious raw material. This is why cashmere is so luxurious, each small batch of sublime fiber is the result of hard work, patience and passion. 

The mill we work with chooses only the best and finest cashmere from across Northern China and Mongolia. It is meticulously checked, dehaired, and washed. The pre-washing of our yarn provides us knitters with a prestinely soft feel that blooms in your hands as you knit. It is a feeling like no other. Only the cashmere that reaches our standard of excellence is then made into superior quality yarn, all of which are produced through a combination of sophisticated technology, a profound knowledge of textiles, and a lifelong commitment to perfection.  

The mill we partner with set out to positively support local cashmere production in China by advocating for goat herders, production processes, and skills as an integral part of the company’s ethical responsibility. Therefore, they developed a method of selective breeding designed to optimize the quality of the cashmere produced across Inner Mongolia. Enhancing fiber fineness, while maintaining a high volume of down per animal, the method reduces the number of goats and improves their quality of living – restoring the balance between the animals and their habitat. Additionally, it improves the quality of cashmere in the region and establishes a sustainable use of the land. It’s an initiative that has a long-term view to instill a greater social message while affirming our commitment to the quality of our cashmere.


We hope you love our cashmere as much as we do! 

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