Q: Let's start with an easy one. When did you learn to knit?
A: I learned to knit at the age of four! My mom taught me and my brothers at a very young age. I am so grateful to her for teaching us and making us stick with it. 

Q: Wow! So you have always been a knitter. Did you ever think you would want to pursue a career in knitting? 
A: I always knew I would ultimately do something fashion related. After learning to knit, I took sewing classes in middle school. I went on to study costume design in university and completed many additional classes at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology).

Q: Why did you decide to start a cashmere yarn company?
A: After many amazing years working at String Yarns and Vogue Knitting, I obtained a vast knowledge of the knitting industry, both from a retail and consumer perspective. I wanted to create a company that valued classic fashion with high-end yarn to create wardrobe staples. I hope to make this brand a true overlap from mainstream fashion to the knitwear industry. I fell in love with cashmere the first time I knit with it over a decade ago. I believe it is a fiber every knitter deserves to knit with. 

Q: How did you pull the trigger to officially start your own business?
A: This idea had been something I had dreamed about for years. After having a baby in December and being home for a period of time, I seized the opportunity to bring this dream to life. I think I always knew I would start my own company, but sometimes you need a big life event to give you the final push! (No pun intended!)

Q: Where do you see Clinton Hill Cashmere in the future?
A: The foundation of my vision is to always deliver the best quality and luxury yarn to every knitter. With that, the future will bring more colors, designs, and yarn weights to the market. We are already in production for new colors and they will be arriving before the end of the year! 

Q: What advice would you give other young knitters or young women entrepreneurs?
A: I think the best advice I have received is to stay true to the brand and learn to stand up for yourself. 

Q: Who does all the designing and knitting for your collections?
A: I have done all the designing for our collections and have had input from friends, family, and mentors. I have a few fabulous knitters who help knit samples as well.

Q: What can we expect from the next collection?
A: The next collection will be an ode to winter, my favorite knitting season. Stay tuned for some exciting new things, including men's items and a 
fabulous coat, among many others! 

Q: What makes the Bespoke cashmere so special?
A: This cashmere is the most luxurious yarn on the market. It does not pill and is 
pre-washed, meaning that it is beyond soft to the touch. I have always felt that the knitter should really benefit from the loftiness and softness as much as the person wearing the final garment. I have received tons of feedback from customers who have said this yarn is the best yarn they have ever knit with. It's life-changing!

Q: Can you tell us what your favorite item is on the website at the moment?
A: That's a hard one! I think I have to go with the Winslow sweater. It's my dream sweater, wide sleeves, oversized style, and camel color, and because it's my favorite here's a secret code to 15% off that kit! (WINSLOW15)*


*Expires November 10, 2017